Purchase for a Purpose

The heartbeat of our company is giving back. One way we do this is creating merchandise with and for others, so they may offer their experience, strength and hope through a word or phrase that we hand craft especially for them. Each month, we highlight stories and during that month half of the proceeds go to help support financially...adoptions, foundations, ministries or medical needs. We will continue to give 20% of the proceeds each month to that fundraiser through the end of the year.


Overcomer Fundraiser

Mwana Villages Fundraiser

Williams Syndrome Fundraiser

Milla's House

Hope for Autumn

Parkinson's Fundraiser

Big Oak Ranch Fundraiser



Second Stories Book

Eight years ago we walked into our Second Story of our life, a new beginning. It didn't happen over night, but a day at a time. Over the years, through ups and downs, we embrace the second story God has given us, not a trial free life but a deeper grasping that God alone sustains us and only He can give us abundant life. God provided a studio for a year that sat on the second story of a building in Homewood which we used to minister to women, as well as design jewelry. We coined it "Second Story" because it was not only our literal location, but also figuratively what we were wanting to offer women. Out of that sweet time, God led my friend Dawn to produce @secondstoriesbook with 50 women and their second stories in life. It's beautiful and encouraging. He led me to design our Second Story Line, bracelets and cuffs offering words that encourage women. A tangible reminder that they are not alone.