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A Brother for EJ Fundraiser

I love when God puts people in front of you. Meet Sara & Noland Gilmore and their daughter EJ. It’s so evident the hand of God. We are doing a fundraiser for them and here is their story! 

For several years we walked through infertility and loss and longing for family. In December of 2016 we were given the sweetest gift in the adoption of our daughter, Ellie Joy. Two and a half years later, we've got the opportunity to bring her biological baby brother into our family. 

Here is the reason for each of our words...

The first two are in honor of our other babies... Rise (Judah Rise was the name of the son we lost in 2015) as a reminder that Hope always rises, just like Jesus did out of an empty grave. Joy because it's what our little girl is so marked by — and her life reminds us often that our God restores joy in double portions, like he promises in Isaiah 61.

Create because Noland and I are both artists, and during all the years we've spent in the wilderness we've seen God birth things creatively even in our lack, and it's built the foundation of the ministry and life we live today.

Risk is a word that's marked this particular adoption journey. It's been deeply faith stretching and scary at times, but God is teaching us a lot about risk yielding reward.

Mercy is a word that's been a banner over our life together... even in our loss and longing and every wilderness road we've walked in seven years of marriage, Noland and I return often to the Psalm 23 promise that Goodness & Mercy follow us, even through the valley of the shadow of death.

The reason we chose ALL THINGS NEW for the cuff is because the promise we felt like God spoke over this baby boy is that as we return as a family to old wounds of the loss of our first son, He's rebuilding what's been devastated in our life over the last several years — making everything new again. We feel like this baby boy will be marked by redemption and healing.

For more on their story head to their blog

20% of the proceeds will go to their family to assist in the adoption!