The Story Behind The Best Selling Beloved Necklace

The Story Behind The Best Selling Beloved Necklace

A little backstory on our Beloved Necklace, coin size silhouette's that we came across on a hunting for treasures trip in the North East. They were chippy and old, something your grandmother might have and we knew in an instant they were a classic and would be keepsakes in our collection. We had a handful and quickly sold what we had. Inspired by the vintage design, we sent a couple off to our Manufacturer and asked if he could keep the vintage detail, but remake them for us. He sent us samples and the rest is history. 

They are such treasures and paired with our Paperclip Chain and Toggle Clasp, it keeps them classic yet trendy and relevant. The two things we aim to be consistent about. They quickly took off and we hand stamp initials into each one and then connect them to the toggle. We make every single necklace in our Flagship store in Homewood, AL. Its a mini assembly line one could say. We are thrilled that so many of you have loved them and hope to sell many more and keep them in our collection for years to come.

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