Snippets in The Studio | Alcoholism

Snippets in The Studio | Alcoholism

Our Brand embodies stories which is why we started Stories In The Studio and has been on our heart for years. We are also adding Snippets In The Studio which are short chats on our experience, strength and hope. One of the main reasons I have shared and do share my story is my own recovery from alcoholism.

Almost 14 years ago, God showed me first hand the gift of stories. I was a young wife and mom struggling to stop drinking. Through other's sharing their story God changed my life. Stories are so powerful and everyone has one. We are so thankful our Brand has given us and others a platform to share. These are raw clips straight from our studio. Hope you find encouragement and nuggets of hope in them.

Note the picture posted on Facebook from 13 years ago. I was a little over 90 days sober and my marriage was falling apart, more on that later, but keep in mind what you see is just the surface of others life. We were hanging on by a thread...

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