A Look Back at 2018

A Look Back at 2018

What a fabulous year! It brought so many changes. We opened our storefront in January and had no clue the traffic that would come through, connecting with new friends and old and hearing stories of joy and sorrow. We are so thankful for each and everyone one of you who have come through our doors! 


In May, we traveled to multiple different cities with pop up shows and loved meeting all the new faces. We were worn out and weary but got a lot of much needed rest this summer. We dipped our toe in Market in Nov at our first cash and carry at Atlanta’s Mart focusing mainly on our most popular design this season, The Estelle’s. It was a learning curve and we are so grateful for the exposure our small company got and the people we got to meet along the way! We definitely love the “fellowship” part of our business and the people and places we get to experience because of it. 


We ended up having our biggest year to date, producing close to 2,000 retail orders (most of those being multiple items) from our online store and shop! The numbers continue to amaze us as we started from our dining room table and many of you visited our mailbox often. We would not be where we are without our Homewood community where we live. We are honored and humbled at the people who love our work. We want to continue to have exceptional customer service and stick to as many one of a kinds as possible. We couldn’t do this with our tribe that keeps us a float and picks up all the balls that we drop. We are so grateful for their time and heart our people at Holland & Birch put into our business. 


Fundraisers. Our favorite part of our business is giving back! We got to work with a multitude of people from different places, and as always, it’s a joy to hammer out meaningful words and design things that raise money to help others. Milla’s House, Parkinson’s, Forrest Spence Fund, Mwana Villages are some of our fundraisers, to name a few. We cannot wait to see what the Lord puts in front of us in the new year. 


Our personal life has been a season of refining and growth. Learning to say no to people, places and things and yes to things that God is putting in front of us. Healthier choices and self care. Lots of sorrow and joy mingled in 2018 on a personal note. Much like most of life....BUT we look forward with great expectation to 2019 and all the good things we will be in pursuit of on a personal and business level. Our four kiddos are a blessing and a balance to juggle. Four different schools and toddlers to teenagers. That alone causes our head to spin some days. 


We hope and pray as the new year comes that the Lord lays NEW things on your heart. New ways to care for others and New ways to care for yourself! There is so much to this life that is to be enjoyed. We hope to offer more encouragement and conversations for like minded business women who need encouragement, community and support. Stay tuned for that. 


May God bless each of you in the new year with peace and JOY and finding NEW adventures and ideas in life! Blessings to you and yours! 




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