5 Spring Jewelry Trends

5 Spring Jewelry Trends

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite trends for the season for you!

- Color! Add a pop of color to your everyday collection with our Nugget of Hope Bracelets.

- Chokers. Chokers are back and what better piece to have then a vintage, classic choker.

- Jewelry with a story. We like to always have something in our collection that is meaningful to us in that season of life. A Cuff is a classic way to go. The Milla and Hall Cuffs are simple stacking ones

- Pearls. Pearls aren’t going anywhere and we’ve given them a classic yet trendy vibe paired with our Metal Tassels.

- A Chunky Necklace. What better way to welcome the new season with our Buckhead Necklace…think T-shirt and cut off shorts paired with our chunky black and white shell necklace. Classic colors and a trendy statement!


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