10 Pieces of Essential Jewelry You Should Have in Your Collection:

10 Pieces of Essential Jewelry You Should Have in Your Collection:

Keep your 2022 streamlined with our versatile collection. Wear everyday and to the next party on the block. These are a few of our personal favorite’s we keep in our jewelry box.

1. Diamond Studs. Always a must. Wear out to a fun dinner or with jeans and a T-shirt. Our Organic rough cut Diamond studs are our favorite. These will ship mid January as we are restocking.

2. Statement Earrings. Again, a versatile piece to have and pearls are never going out of style! Our Tassel Pearl Earrings are a piece to own that can be worn day and night a modern classic piece.

3. Labradorite Courage Necklace. A piece to be layered with or worn alone. Never take off and shower, sweat and swim in. Great price point and quality.

4. Brass Cuff Stack. Don’t want to think about it, but keep it meaningful? Our stack can be worn every single day, together or alone. Have something that goes with a bunch of stuff and let that be your stack of the season. Stacks make a statement.

5. A Statement Paperclip Chain Necklace. It’s the year of charm necklaces and our paperclip chain and silhouettes are so very popular, they are here for 2022. Our Beloved Necklace is timeless and something you can pass down to your children.

6. Second Story Bracelet. A great piece to have on and give away if someone needs encouragement. Custom stamped with a personal word, these best sellers have been with us from the beginning and still a great piece to own all seasons of the year. Wear it and share it with someone who may be struggling. A great piece to pay forward to others.

7 & 8. Statement Necklaces and rings. You don’t have to own a ton, but pick out your favorite statement necklace for the season and mix it up by layering with different pieces. Also, statement rings are a fun pop to add with your T-shirt and jeans or wear to the next party.

9. Diamond Bangle. You can never be too fancy. Mix this piece in with your everyday stack or wear alone. Organic Rough Cut Diamonds with Pave Diamonds. This piece is a show stopper.

10. Everyday Necklace. Another great stacking necklace to wear daily and all year round. Our best sellers have great quality being 14k gold filled.
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